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The tweets

Sunday 25th December


The Word became flesh, not idealism or theory or program, but life, local life, given for us, so we could do the same.

Graham Cray, Archbishops' Missioner and Fresh Expressions Team Leader

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24Saturday 24th December

Emmanuel: God with us every day in the everyday.

Steven Croft, Bishop of Sheffield


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23Friday 23rd December

Jesus didn't arrive as a king, but as a baby who needed other people to survive. God’s always found with the vulnerable.

Twitter Pam Smith, Virtual vicar. Ex prison chaplain, teacher, health service. Priest-in-charge, i-Church.

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22Thursday 22nd December

God entrusted his life in our hands, so I entrust my life in his. Foolish?

Twitter Juliet Kilpin, Pioneer, initiator, creator, reflector, facilitator, trainer, writer, activist. Coordinator of Urban Expression.

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21Wednesday 21st December

A package put together to solve debt crisis. He lived among us, loved us, was rejected. The deal never left the table.

Twitter Stephen Lindridge, Fresh Expressions Methodist Connexional Missioner

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20Tuesday 20th December

If Jesus came to walk in my shoes, then shouldn't I at least try and put my size 4s into somebody elses? #wordmadeflesh

Rachel Matthews, Fresh Expressions Events Administrator

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19Monday 19th December

At Christmas, the best gift you can give to others is yourself. God made you unique for a reason.

Twitter John Sentamu, Archbishop of York

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18Sunday 18th December

Jesus turned up when he wasn't expected. Where he wasn't expected. Expect the unexpected. God likes surprises.

Twitter Russ Bravo, writer and journalist

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17Saturday 17th December

not pretty, clean, abstract & apart. But gritty, real, in your face, here. Incarnation = God with us.

Twitter Elaine Lindridge, Fresh Expressions Associate Missioner and Newcastle District Evangelism Enabler

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16Friday 16th December

Jesus comes:Meaning-making.Failure-saving.Hope-creating.World-changing.Light-shining.Inviting us 2come:Meaning-making..

Twitter Anna Drew, An Anglican working for the Methodist Church in Britain as Lead Media Officer. Loves theology, crochet, movies and hubby Jim (Anna's blog)

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15Thursday 15th December

Jesus - with us. alongside us. one of us. then. now. always. that'll do...

Twitter Ian Adams, writer, poet and teacher in spirituality, culture and community, Fresh Expressions Associate Missioner (Ian's blog)

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14Wednesday 14th December

Jesus was tempted in every way that I was tempted, yet he managed to overcome. That gives me hope.

Andrew Wooding, Editor of Share and Church Army evangelist

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13Tuesday 13th December

In the bleak mid-winter, there is hope. I think that’s good news of great joy for all people.

Zoe Hart, Fresh Expressions Associate Missioner and chair of young adults round table

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12Monday 12th December

With crying screams and squalid surroundings, a homeless baby turns a season of darkness into a dawn of new beginnings.

Twitter Ben Norton, Pioneer Minister, Bridlington (check out Ben's Advent beach huts)

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11Sunday 11th December

God living as a human being in Jesus shows how humans can be & how I might be if God lives in me - which is God’s plan.

Twitter Steve Hollinghurst, researcher in evangelism to post-Christendom culture with the Church Army Sheffield Centre

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10Saturday 10th December

Jesus will come again in a whisper, in a roar, in the brokenness around us. Creation awaits that new dawning.

Twitter @ayodele05 is an Anglican Priest, DJ, Musician and Promoter who is passionate about faith, spirituality and music

Listen to @ayodele05 discussing her work

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09Friday 9th December

Acting without humour/humanity? Say to self: "God took the risk of becoming a human being. Why can't you?" #incarnation

Twitter Paul Bayes, Bishop of Hertford

Listen to Paul Bayes discussion the mixed economy

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08Thursday 8th December

Jesus was born, grew up, walked, talked, laughed, cried, struggled, won. If he can do it, then with his help, so can I.

Twitter Frances Shoesmith, Pioneer Minister, Bootle

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07Wednesday 7th December

The fact that Jesus walked on our world and washed in our water, makes the very air we breathe a promise kissed by God.

Sue Wallace, Team Vicar, Leeds Parish Church

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06Tuesday 6th December

Jesus came to be the ultimate #GoodNews, engaging with people on the streets. Can we do the same?

Twitter Mark Russell, Chief Executive of Church Army, committed to helping others share their faith through words and action

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05Monday 5th December

Slow down, take time... the incarnation. God, the Father at 3 miles an hour, walking speed. Who will you walk with?

Tim Lea, The Bridge, Hinckley

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04Sunday 4th December

God didn't just speak via dreams, a book or angelic visitations or creation. He spoke as he became as flesh and blood.

Twitter Andy Frost, Director, Share Jesus International

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03Saturday 3rd December

Our God is not distant, but interested in our lives. Having lived himself as a human, he knows what we face each day.

Twitter Sam Follett, youngest member of the Church of England General Synod

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02Friday 2nd December

Jesus' birth was on the margins. His experience was exclusion as a homeless refugee. Where does our ministry begin?

Sean Stillman, Zac's Place

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01Thursday 1st December

Every time I remember that Jesus came, it makes me stop, catch my breath & consider the mystery of it all over again.

Kim Hartshorne, The Upper Room, Cirencester

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30Wednesday 30th November

Babies don't invite our attention, they demand it. Cry out Baby God, till I stop what I am busy with and cradle you.

Twitter Andrew Graystone, Director, Churches and Media Network

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29Tuesday 29th November

Birth is a miracle but that miracle birth turned the accepted upside down. I joyfully live life upside down.

Debbie Forman, Curate and Pioneer Minister, Innsworth

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28Monday 28th November

As God planted a seed of hope in Mary, our mission is to plant seeds of hope in our culture & see what emerges.

Twitter Ian Bell, Coordinator, VentureFX

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27Sunday 27th November

the word became flesh and moved into the neighbourhood - God leads by example!

Jonny Baker, CMS Pioneer Mission Leadership Training (Jonny's blog)

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