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In Earlsfield, south west London, a pioneering new venture has started that seeks to build a mission-focused, new monastic, fresh expression of church. Johnny Sertin is the lay pioneer who leads it.

Rob Ryan, an Ordained Pioneer Minister, starts out building a fresh expression of church in Rochester.

Mark Berry, a Lay Pioneer Minister, tells the emerging story of safe space, a fresh expression of church that draws on celtic spirituality, radical hospitality and a form of new monasticism.

Paul Seaton-Burn discusses building Church without a church in a brand new village near Kettering.

A fresh expression of church for clubbers in Cardiff.

Revd Mark Rodel shares the story of Portsmouth's high-rise church

Known and loved by many as a tourist hotspot on the Dorset coast, Poole is also home to missional community Reconnect.

Carl and Sarah Belcher talk about building a fresh expression with vulnerable people in a needy area of Lincoln.

Revd Tony Cant discusses St Luke's-in-the-High-Street, focused around the weekly Walthamstow Farmers' Market.

Just over a year ago Colin Brown moved to Cornwall to start a fresh expression of church amongst the artistic community. He tells us more.

A church community on a former US air base turned housing estate has separate age-related congregations.

Emma Garrow reports on the latest from tubestation, a fresh expression for surfers.

Keith Hitchman outlines the vision for River in the City, creating new ways of 'being church' for people who work, relax and live in Liverpool City Centre

Mark Broomhead used to lead a fresh expression of church called Sanctum at the St Barnabas Centre in Danesmoor. What will he be doing next?

Ben Norton, who appears on the Fresh Expressions DVD, on the edge, traces the history of XY lads' church in Bridlington.

Debbie Forman explains how she is working on her own estate and with people serving in NATO's Allied Rapid Reaction Corps.

Mark Broomhead outlines his hopes for the The Gates, a new fresh expression of church for those who feel like the 'black sheep' of society.

Goth Church in Coventry began when Diocesan Youth Officer Greg Bartlem and Cathedral Youth Minister Keith Parr started to walk around the city.

The Beacon came into being when the local Methodist Church appointed Bart Woodhouse as lay leader of a new church plant team.

Pioneer minister Hayley Matthews is chaplain for MediaCityUK at Salford Quays and coordinator of The Anchor, the chaplaincy's on site base.

GraceSpace in Bradford is 'a church for people who don't go to church'. Pioneer minister Colin Blake explains how the community has developed.

Gavin Mart is an artist, musician, student, pioneer and curator for the Engedi Easter Story exhibition running in Colwyn Bay, North Wales. He tells us more.

Is God calling me to be involved? Hearing a vocation to fresh expressions, ways of being involved, discerning God's call, preparing to respond.

God's call might come through interests and passions, circumstances, dissatisfaction, Scripture or prayer or dreams or visions, other people.

Helpful questions to ask in discerning God's call.

People can be gifts as pioneers, in teams, as networkers, as enablers, as supporters, as 'embedders' and as researchers.

This page explores how to supervise and support a pioneer minister.

This page explores how to grow a sustainable fresh expression of church - the definition of sustainability, sustaining pioneers, sizing to fit the context, simple church, transitioning from first to second generation leaders, managing other transitions, keeping the venture fresh and identifying fruitfulness.

Levi Santana is a pioneer ordinand at St Mellitus College. He also leads a small missional community in High Wycombe called The Valley Network.

Heather Cracknell, a pioneer curate near Norwich, is looking to establish a social enterprise café and community project on a new housing development.

Soul Space is an initiative to engage with people interested in Mind, Body and Spirit fairs. Tim Yau and Hannah Deaves tell the story so far.

A new church community is beginning to form in Clitheroe, Lancashire, with 'a bunch of like-minded people who are exploring what it means to have a Christian faith'.