Get involved

If you are excited by all you see God's Spirit doing and by the number of fresh expressions of church springing up in the UK and in other countries too, you may wonder how you can get involved.

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    Perhaps God is calling you to paid work encouraging mission and the growth of new forms of church?

    Have a look at the jobs pages in the church press, Christian websites advertising vacancies and our own jobs page.

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    Training and events

    Check out our training and events for those involved or wanting to be involved in fresh expressions of church.

    mission shaped intro is a six-session course helping you to imagine the forms of church that are needed for today's world.

    mission shaped ministry is a one-year part-time course which equips you for ministry in a fresh expression of church.

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    Pioneer ministry

    An increasing number of denominations and streams are actively looking for those with pioneering gifts to start and lead fresh expressions of church.

    There are now established pioneer minister schemes in both the Methodist Church and the Church of England.

    Why not find out more about pioneer ministry or get hold of our DVD introducing ordained pioneer ministry.

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    You might find it helpful to link up with those who are involved in similar fresh expressions of church in one of the networks that are beginning to develop.

    Fresh Expressions Area Strategy Teams (FEASTs) catalyse the start and development of fresh expressions of church across a geographical area. You might like to get in touch with your local FEAST.

    Our strategic hubs gather those with expertise in a particular subject to share knowledge.

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    Find out more

    Our series of Share booklets explore many aspects of how to start and sustain a fresh expression of church.

    Being Church, Doing Life is a basic introduction to fresh expressions of church and pioneer ministry.

    Church for every context is a more in depth textbook exploring the theology and practice of fresh expressions of church.

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    Support us

    As an organisation, we depend on the support and generosity of trusts, organisations and individuals. Could you pray with us or support us financially?