Networks of fresh expressions

Networks of different types of fresh expressions are forming around the country and there are many that we don't yet know about it. Those that we do know of are listed below. You can also find out about Fresh Expressions Area Strategy Teams (FEASTs) or visit Fresh Expressions on Facebook Facebook.

Shared context

The Facebook Centre for Pioneer Learning trains and networks pioneers.

CMS facilitate two networks of pioneers, the Facebook Missional Communities, Orders and Projects Hub and the Facebook Pioneer Hub.

Cafechurch network provides training for those hoping to set up a café church.

Messy Church is church for families - it's chaotic, exicting and hugely welcoming. The site has information on Messy Church, a directory of Messy Churches, information on training and much more.

Contemplative Fire is a movement, a community and an adventure, celebrating life in all its fullness on the Way of Christ.

Rural Churchplanters - a learning network for rural practitioners. Contact Peter Hallsworth on

The Church in new housing areas network is facilitated by Churches Together in England.

ReSource runs weekend gatherings around the country for practitioners creating church in the emerging culture.

Christian Travellers in the New Spiritual Culture is an online network for Christians who are practitioners in the world of the New spiritualities. Membership is by invitation only, contact Steve Hollinghurst on

Street Angels is an informal network for those involved in, or wanting to set up, outreach within the night-time economy in towns and cities.

Rural Expression and Urban Expression are networks of self-financing teams pioneering creative and relevant expressions of the Christian church in rural and urban areas respectively.


The Pioneer Hub at CMS seeks to serve pioneers in the South Central RTP (that's Anglican, Methodist, URC and other churches in the Oxford, Winchester, Guildford, Portsmouth and Salisbury areas).

The Pioneer Ministry Hub serves pioneers across South East Wales and Gloucestershire.

The Church Army Pioneer Hub aims to network and equip pioneers around the Sheffield area.

The Centre for Pioneer Learning aims to resource and support pioneers across the UK, based in Cambridge.

The Cornwall Fresh Expressions Network is for fresh expressions in Cornwall.

The Diocese of Chichester holds an ecumenical list of Fresh Expressions in the Chichester diocese.

The Hertfordshire and Essex Border Ecumenical Area (HAEBEA) has a page on Facebook.

Suffolk Fresh Expressions have a page on Facebook.

The Church Army and Fresh Expressions have facilitated three action learning networks (in the Midlands, Yorkshire and with Oxford Diocese) for Ordained Pioneers and Church Army Evangelists. To find out more, contact Jenny Richardson on

You can also check out Fresh Expressions internationally.

Please note: these networks are not the responsibility of Fresh Expressions and the content of their websites may not reflect our aims and values.

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