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Berkswich Luncheon Club


Jeff Reynolds, Superintendent Minister, updates the story of Berkswich Luncheon Club.

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Graham Cray on getting started


Graham CrayGraham Cray discusses starting fresh expressions of church - starting and listening, who will never be reached, listen well, people of peace and listening to God.

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Richard Church on the URC


Richard ChurchRichard Church, Moderator of the North Western Synod of the United Reformed Church, tells Karen Carter where the URC has reached with fresh expressions of church.

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Andrew Roberts on Fresh!


Andrew RobertsAndrew Roberts discusses the very latest learning from fresh expressions in Fresh! an introduction to fresh expressions of church and pioneer ministry and why the book will make you laugh, cry and reflect.

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Spirituality for pioneers


Pioneers including Ric Stott, Sally Thornton, Ian Adams, Lorraine Dixon, Adrian Chatfield and Jonny Baker discuss what sustains them spiritually.

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Graham Cray on the Christianity Podcast


Graham Cray speaks to Martin Saunders and Ruth Dickinson about fresh expressions, women bishops and whirlpools, in episode 2 of the Christianity Podcast.

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An interview with Dave Male


The Fresh Expressions Canada team interview Dave Male - what is a pioneer, what led you to start the Net, we would like to start something new..., what is church, how soon do we start public worship, how are new Christian communities formed, how do we form community outside the church walls, what is Christian love, is there hope for the future and is it possible to wait too long?

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Martyn Atkins on fresh expressions in the Methodist Church


Martyn Atkins, General Secretary of the British Methodist Church, talks with Anna Drew of the D:Sign podcast about discipleship, disquiet and the need to sacrificially resource new ways of being church.

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Michael Volland - being a missional entrepreneur


Michael VollandMichael Volland explores what makes a good entrepreneur, what is an entrepreneur, do entrepreneurship and the gospel mix, are entrepreneurs the same as pioneers and the language of entrepreneurship.

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Rachel Matthews, maker baker


Rachel MatthewsRachel Matthews discusses the right ingredients in building community - from her kitchen.

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