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Fuzz Kitto on a 'prophetic movement'


International youth worker, minister, writer and consultant Fuzz Kitto sees Fresh Expressions as a prophetic movement, helping to achieve a 'miracle' in the Church of England.

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Colin Brown reflects on making mistakes


Colin Brown reflects on making mistakes and God's place in them.

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Graham Cray on discipleship


Graham CrayGraham Cray discusses discipleship - the heart of discipleship, captive discipleship, active living, contextual discipleship, travelling together, appropriate models, investing in disciples, messy discipleship, apprenticeship and a good place to start.

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Lorraine Dixon on fresh expressions in the club culture


Anglican priest and DJ, Lorraine Dixon, tells of developing Christian community in Birmingham's club culture.

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Fresh expressions of church and youth work


Youthwork magazine editor Martin Saunders hails Fresh Expressions' 'massive impact' on the life of the church, going on to consider the church's role as the biggest provider of youth provision in the country and looking at the subsequent challenge to both conventional church and fresh expressions of church.

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making a difference - changing lives


Testimonies of lives changed by fresh expressions of church, taken from expressions: making a difference.

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Sean Stillman - The Good Samaritan


Sean Stillman reflects on the story of the Good Samaritan.

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Kim Hartshorne on The Upper Room


Kim Hartshorne, leader of The Upper Room in Cirencester, discusses the origins, present and future of the project with Karen Carter.

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John Coles on new ways of being church


John Coles of New Wine talks about new ways of being church and the need to empower and enable every Christian to leave the security of their church buildings and engage in their communities.

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