Real life, real people, real stories.

There are no experts when it comes to starting and sustaining fresh expressions of church - no one has really been doing it long enough to claim to know it all. But we can learn from one another and so as you explore these stories, look for principles and values rather than simply models to take off the shelf and follow.

Of course, if you are involved in a fresh expression of church with the deliberate intention of starting a new congregation for those normally well off the radar of conventional church, let us know! Submit your story using the link to the right. 

Don't forget the power of a good story - Jesus didn't.

  • Dave Saunders updates the story of Reverb, a fresh expression of church for young people in Inverness.

    Monday, 2 December, 2013
  • Peter Grant tells how a fresh expression of church has developed from long-standing work among young offenders.

    Monday, 25 November, 2013
  • Lou Davis updates the story of The Gathering, part of Edinburgh Dreams.

    Monday, 18 November, 2013
  • Lorna Miller shares her perspective on Heathfield cafechurch.

    Monday, 11 November, 2013
  • Carma Wetherall describes how a fresh expression of church has started in the parish of Wichenford, Worcestershire.

    Monday, 11 November, 2013
  • Nick Warren updates the story of Boot Fair Church

    Monday, 4 November, 2013
  • Churches Together in Heathfield and District launched a cafechurch in April 2013. Sue Mumford tells what has happened since then.

    Monday, 28 October, 2013
  • Five years on, the team leading authentic(?) have made the difficult decision to leave, and reflect on their experience.

    Monday, 21 October, 2013
  • A new church community is beginning to form in Clitheroe, Lancashire, with 'a bunch of like-minded people who are exploring what it means to have a Christian faith'.

    Monday, 21 October, 2013
  • Sam Foster, fresh expression pioneer minister for Scarborough Deanery, updates the story of the Westway Open Arms community project.

    Monday, 14 October, 2013